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        Three-level inverter "1" type and "T" shaped circuit of the comparative analysis

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        Abstract: This paper is an existing three-level studies based on the "1" type and "T" shaped waveforms of the circuit analysis, and waveform analysis, based on the specifications of the switch selection, loss and other aspects of the analysis and comparison, the final selection of a suitable three-level circuit.


         A three-level circuit schematic

         Shown in Figure 2 the two three-level circuit, in order to distinguish between the two circuits, according to the four switch in the circuit diagram of the arrangement, we will be the former as a font, which is known as the T-type.

         Three-level circuit, compared with the normal half-bridge circuit, with the midpoint of the continued flow because of the ability, so to improve the output ripple and reduce wear and tear have very good results.

         Second, the two circuits of the waveform analysis

         To the loss of two circuits, and compare the specifications, this paper describes the two circuit waveforms, as shown in Figure 3, Figure 4.

         The following is a waveform diagram of part of the description.

         Waveform assuming equal positive and negative bus, and all components are assumed to be ideal components. Way of the drive signal

         The two circuits to facilitate this choice for the analysis of the same drive signal waveform, the specific control drive signal from the reference [1] [2], shown in the diagram, in which Q1, Q3 a PWM (with dead -time), Q2, Q4 a PWM (with dead-time), and Q1, Q4 also including the dead time between.

         Waveform is assumed the same inductor current iL, and covers all the current state of the several cases (see below, the figure also has an identity).

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